Facial care vitamin C20

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Price: CHF 150.00 Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

The vitamin C anti-ageing face care for radiant and unified skin with proven results after the first treatment.

Discover our new treatment with the Vitamin C20 serum, made of 99.9% natural ingredients and containing 20% stable vitamin C: the C20 serum!

Visible and proven results: the skin is more radiant, the complexion is more even and refined, pigmentation spots are reduced. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin is firmer and more elastic. Biotechnologically produced native turmeric and pomegranate cells, organic apricot oil, sweet orange essential oil and Quintessence Yon-Ka enhance this effect.

* Please note that the reservation can be cancelled only 24 hours before your appointment in writing to [email protected]. Later cancellations will be charged at 100%. We thank you for your understanding.

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